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From November 2020, the federal government and the Free State of Bavaria will subsidise fertility treatments. Couples with a common main place of residence in Bavaria are covered, and unmarried couples are also supported. However, payment is only granted if treatments are carried out in an IVF centre in Bavaria or a neighbouring German state.

So that you can have your individual fertility treatment without financial penalties at our KIWI Dr Loimer Linz,Austria, we are now offering eligible couples the so-called ‘KIWI Bayern Bonus’: a price reduction of up to €900 on your treatment costs per attempt. Please contact Mrs Christine Loimer directly,, Tel. +43 699 17 22 44 66.

If you need advice and support with the completion of your health insurance, our Bavarian employee Ms Heidi Zaglmann is at your disposal.

Heidi Zaglmann

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