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Anja Knauer

Secretary, front office

My name is Anja Knauer and I was born on February, 24th, 1995 in Steyr. From a young age I realized that my dream was to change things and to have a positive impact on other people´s lives. It should be a job with meaning and heart! After completing my master´s degree in “Social Economics”, some years in customer service in the cultural sector as well as one year as a software consultant, I ended up in the front office of KIWI in Linz. I will welcome you with delight when you visit us at KIWI in Linz and am happy to answer all your general questions about IVF. At the same time, the KIWI enables me to continue my academic pedagogical study to be able to further develop my skills and quench my thirst for knowledge. My goal is to support people in their aspirations and desires.

In my free time I read books, love to paint, and spend as much time as possible in the countryside. My strengths include my friendly nature and my structured, reliable way of working. I look forward to support you in your desire to have children.