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Quality manager

I was born on July 23, 1987 in Braunau and after graduating high school I went to beautiful Vienna, where I successfully completed two studies in the health sector. My first professional experience was in a private hospital in Vienna on a ward for internal medicine, with a focus on cardiology. During this time, I became interested in the field of quality management. With this goal in mind, I made the leap to the administrative headquarters of the then leading provider of private spa, rehabilitation and care facilities in Austria, where I was responsible for internal projects and quality assurance of ten facilities. When I was looking for a job in a more personal environment, I came across the Kinderwunsch Institut Dr Loimer. From the first moment, I became passionate about reproductive medicine and quickly made the decision to break new ground in this area. At the beginning, I was responsible for quality management at the Wels and Vienna locations. After two years I was given the opportunity to take over administration and was appointed as authorised signatory for the Wels clinic. In 2018 I became the mother to a wonderful son. The happiness this brought me strengthens my endeavours to help couples have children. My focus is on ensuring quality at all levels and ensuring that our patients are cared for and treated using the latest methods and state-of-the-art technology.