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When should you seek treatment?


Have you been trying to get pregnant for more than 12 months and despite regular sexual intercourse have yet to see a positive pregnancy test? Is your cycle irregular or non-existent? Do you suffer from menstrual cramps so severe that you sometimes miss work? Have you suffered repeated premature miscarriages and the reason for which is (still) unclear?

These symptoms and more could be the reason why until now, the crib has remained empty. You are in the right place with Dr Loimer, he specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of these symptoms.


As part of the initial consultation with Dr Loimer, not only the patient is examined, but also her partner. Because in 50% of cases, male semen quality is the reason why a natural pregnancy does not occur. It is therefore advised that both partners attend the initial consultation. Through speaking with both man and woman, Dr Loimer arrives at the diagnosis more quickly and the necessary treatment can begin immediately.

You can reach us by phone on +43 699 17 22 44 66 or by e-mail at



We try to find the gentlest treatment for you. Before doing this, we have to find the reason for your infertility.

  • Do you need a second opinion because you are unsure?
  • We carry out special hormone analysis for men and women
  • Complete infection diagnosis including chlamydia and cancer prevention
  • Immunological evaluation of the couple (KIR/HLA)
  • Testing of the endometrium for killer cells
  • Testing of the endometrium for plasma cells (infections)
  • Testing for implantation timing (ERA Test)
  • Improvement of the endometrium using PRP
  • Fallopian tube test (HyCoSy examination) – quick and painless
  • Genetic testing via our partner laboratory
  • Semen examinations (spermiograms) with immediate results
  • Administration of intralipid infusions