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In some women, despite hormonal stimulation of the ovaries, no additional follicles develop, but these patients ovulate regularly in their natural cycle. In this case, we limit ourselves to the removal of one egg cell (or a maximum of two) during the natural cycle without the administration of stimulation medication. Then IVF or ICSI fertilisation is performed.

Only the triggering of ovulation takes place with medication, a ‘trigger shot’, 35.5 hours after which the egg cell is removed with a thin 20G needle. This procedure is minimal and almost painless, so there is no need to administer sedoanalgesia. Depending on the development of the embryo, it is returned to the patient’s uterus three to a maximum of five days later.

Who is treatment without hormones in Linz suitable for?

  • Women with regular menstrual cycles and ovulation
  • Low responders, in whom even high-dose gonadrotropin stimulation does not lead to increased follicle development
  • Women at risk when undergoing classic IVF (after breast cancer, risk of thrombosis etc.)
  • Patients after four unsuccessful IVF Fund attempts

However, with IVF or ICSI in the natural cycle a high dropout rate must be expected:

  • Approximately 50 per cent of patients do not undergo an egg retrieval, or no egg is obtained (the follicle is empty)
  • Ovulation occurs too early in the cycle, so the follicle has already left the ovary

You should discuss whether an Natural – IVF cycle makes sense for you during a personal consultation with Dr Loimer in Linz.