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The fallopian tubes often stick together as a result of inflammation of the ovaries and fallopian tubes (Adnexitis). The main causes are chlamydia infections and gonorrhoea. If the fallopian tubes are stuck together, pregnancy cannot occur naturally. In most cases it is not possible to open and restore the functionality of blocked or glued fallopian tubes with microsurgery.

Chlamydia multiply over the years and initially do not cause symptoms. The infection often begins insidiously as pelvic pain, intermenstrual bleeding and discharge, a slight fever and feeling sick, but these symptoms quickly subside.

The chlamydia infection must be treated with medication by a specialist doctor. If left untreated, the fallopian tubes could stick together, and the woman could become infertile. In the Kinderwunsch Institut Dr Loimer, a quick and painless examination of the fallopian tubes can be carried out using HyCoSy and should be carried out in the first half of the cycle