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Sexual disorders

In contrast to sexual disorders in men, sexual disorders in women have so far received little interest from researchers or the public. Overall, women appear to suffer from sexual problems more than men. Surveys show that sexual problems occur, at least temporarily, in around 43 per cent of women, although these are not always functional disorders requiring treatment. For doctors, the individual level of suffering and the degree of associated interpersonal difficulties are deciding factors for the further course of fertility treatment.

Some women suffer from vaginismus: this is a condition in which it is not possible for the man to insert the erect penis into the vagina because the female body does not allow it.

The most common sexual disorder in men is erectile dysfunction (ED). This means that the man cannot get a hard-enough erection or maintain it long enough to have sexual intercourse.

Sexual disorders often put a great strain on a relationship. For some women, negative experiences only lead to the development of a larger problem, withdrawal from the partner sets a vicious cycle in motion.