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It was found many years ago that in women with polycystic ovary syndrome, following the destruction of parts of the surface of the ovaries, the menstrual period and, above all, follicle growth can normalise, and pregnancy sometimes occurs naturally.
The reason for the growth of the follicles is the destruction of fibrin threads, which stretch like a fishing net around the small follicles and prevent them from developing. If you cut a fishing net, the fish can escape. If the tissue around the follicle is destroyed, the follicle can grow again. The drilling also leads to a decrease in male hormones over a period of time.

Ovarian drilling in Linz is performed in the course of a laparoscopy in hospital under anaesthesia. The advantage is that the administration of additional hormones for the development of a pregnancy is not necessary. However, in the course of the procedure, as with any operation, serious complications and the destruction of the ovaries can occur. This why we at the Kinderwunsch Institut Dr Loimer discuss such an intervention with the patient and weigh up the benefits and risks.