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A diagnostic laparoscopy is an important method for checking the fallopian tubes, uterus and ovaries if a couple is unable to have children. If you want to have children, fibroids, endometriosis cysts or lesions in the abdomen can be diagnosed using a laparoscopy. It is a routine procedure and more informative than other methods, is usually low-risk and can be carried out as an inpatient procedure in hospital (in Linz in the hospital Barmherzigen Schwestern/Brüder or the Kepler University Hospital Med Campus IV). Thanks to the high magnification used, the organs in the abdominal cavity can be examined precisely, and small endometriosis foci can be removed immediately during the procedure.

To check the fallopian tubes, a blue-coloured liquid is injected into the uterine cavity through the vagina. The movement of the fluid from the fallopian tubes is observed during the laparoscopy. Surgical reconstruction of an inflamed or malformed fallopian tube leads to a significant increase in the natural pregnancy rate or success rate with artificial insemination.

It can also be effective to remove or close fallopian tubes with sactosalpinx (fluid that flows from a diseased fallopian tube into the uterus), as the fluid released can prevent embryo implantation.