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Alcohol Medication Anabolic steroids


Alcohol is a substance that can cause malformations in an unborn child. Alcohol reaches the embryo via the placenta, it then excretes the alcohol via the kidneys and immediately absorbs it again via the amniotic fluid. Because the child’s cells are growing, the influence of alcohol is particularly great.

Basically, women who are trying to conceive should refrain from drinking alcohol. The period from the fifth to the twelfth week of pregnancy is particularly sensitive, as the child’s organs are developing at this point.


The proportion of people with illnesses that require long-term treatment increases with age. Since the average age of couples who would like to have children is constantly increasing, we inevitably treat more and more couples who take medications regularly. Additionally, many serious illnesses can now be treated better, so the question of fertility arises following intensive drug therapies. Various medications can affect female and male fertility, as well as the healthy development of the child.

On the website (available in German) you will find information on more than 400 medications that are harmful to a growing embryo. The information is based on current scientific data.

Anabolic steroids

These are often taken by body-conscious men hoping to build muscle. While taking anabolic steroids, men are most likely infertile. More testosterone does not lead to higher fertility. Exactly the opposite is the case, because by taking testosterone the brain registers a higher hormone level and signals to the testicles to shut down the production of sperm cells. This brings sperm production to a standstill. Sometimes the testicles visibly shrink. Depending on the duration and preparation, male fertility can be damaged for life.