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The man’s ejaculate is composed of sperm cells and seminal plasma. The seminal plasma is produced in the prostate and is the carrier fluid for the sperm cells.

Seminal plasma contains substances that ‘manipulate’ the female immune system, i.e. the ejaculate and the embryo that is created are not recognised as ‘foreign bodies’ by the woman’s immune system and are therefore not rejected.

If it turns out during the course of fertility treatment that an implantation flush would increase the chances of pregnancy in the patient, the process is as follows: the partner produces sperm by masturbation and gives it to the laboratory at the Kinderwunsch Institit Dr Loimer. The sperm are separated from the seminal plasma in a centrifuge, after which the plasma is introduced into the patient’s uterine cavity using a catheter in order to support the embryo during implantation