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Electromagnetic Radiation

Radiation from mobile phones, radio waves or Bluetooth are classified as non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. There is still little research in to whether mobile phone radiation affects the development of embryos or the health of babies and young children. As a precaution, there are legally defined limits that must be adhered to.

If the human genome is exposed to electromagnetic radiation below the limit permitted in Austria for 24 hours, just as many DNA strand breaks occur as with exposure to 0.5 gray of radioactive gamma rays.

In Austria, the expansion of the new 5G network is in full swing, and Linz should be supplied with it across the board in 2021. The frequency range is 3.6 gigahertz, however the high frequencies only allow very short ranges. From 300 gigahertz you are in the range of infrared radiation which humans can easily tolerate. The shorter waves of 5G radiation do not penetrate the body, they bounce off the skin. Nevertheless, caution is advised, because we do not know of any studies that say that frequencies above 3 gigahertz are harmless to humans or embryos.