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The patron of our fertility clinic is Prometheus. Prometheus was a true philanthropist who created humans and gave them the gift of fire.

Heaven and earth were created. The sea roared, the fish swam in it and the birds sang in the trees. The land was teeming with animals. But one creature was still missing, one who could colonise the earth and whose body was such that the spirit could make a home in it. Prometheus knew that the seeds of heaven slumbered in the ground, so he took clay, moistened it with water from the river and moulded it into a person and formed them in the image of the gods. To bring the clay figure to life, he borrowed the good and bad qualities from the animal souls and locked them inside the human chest. Prometheus had a friend among the divine, Athena, the goddess of wisdom. She so admired the creation by the Titan son Prometheus that she gave the half-souled clay figure a spirit, the divine breath.

This is how the first humans came into being and soon populated the earth.