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The positive effects of vitamin D on women who want to have children is the subject of more and more research. Scientists from the University of Birmingham found that an optimal level of vitamin D can increase the likelihood of pregnancy. To do this, they analysed the data from 11 published studies, in which a total of 2,700 women participated. All subjects had undergone artificial insemination. It was found that live births occurred a third more frequently in women with optimal vitamin D levels than in other study participants. The team also found that only 26 per cent of test subjects had the correct vitamin D level.

The main source of vitamin D is sunlight, which helps it to form in the human body. Symptoms of deficiency can occur, especially in the dark winter months. We at the Kinderwunsch Institut Dr Loimer, however, warn that women that want to have children do not take vitamin D without care, an overdose can lead to heart and kidney problems, among other things. Vitamin D supplements should therefore only be given under medical supervision.