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Welcome to KIWI Dr. Loimer in Linz


Dear patients,

For two decades Dr Leonhard Loimer has been the contact person and health care provider for many couples who want to have children, during their treatment in the KinderWunschKlinik in Thalheim bei Wels and in the clinic on Hadikgasse in Vienna. In November 2019 he left the Vivaneo Group and devoted himself to setting up his new centre for reproductive medicine.

At the beginning of 2019 the opportunity arose to renovate the wonderful location in the former OÖ Nachrichten building on Promenade 23 in Linz. The Cuturi family, the owners of the property, built the new Promenade Galleries on the neighbouring site, which now houses the entire team of the Austrian newspaper OÖ Nachrichten. The team were therefore relocated to the new office. With that, the location for our new fertility clinic became available! We quickly began the process of creating a new private facility for reproductive medicine. The renovation of the building began in September 2019 and the new clinic was built on a tight schedule. A great team of professionals and craftsmen transformed the place into a modern building with a listed façade. Thanks a lot!

With a lot of heart and empathy, we have been here for you since June 2020 to fulfil your desire to have a child of your own. The happy team around Dr Loimer looks forward to meeting you in person here in Linz soon!