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Hormones control our libido, the formation of egg and sperm cells, fertilization, the growth of the child in the womb, the regulation of the birth process and the development of mammary glands. Hormones also regulate the metabolism of muscles, bones and tissues. They mobilise the immune system in the event of stressors such as emotional stress, thirst, hunger, heat, cold, injury and infections. Hormones ensure the optimal utilisation of nutrients and the maintenance of all bodily functions and cells. In addition, they regulate water and nutrient balance.

In addition to female sex hormones, other hormones, such as the thyroid gland (TSH, T3, T4), can also be responsible for infertility. The male hormones also effect fertility. A hormone test provides clarity. In order to be able to carry out specialised treatment for the patient, we at the Kinderwunsch Institut Dr Loimer take a blood sample to determine all relevant parameters at the start of the cycle (between the 1st and 4th days). After the results are available, the necessary treatment is discussed.

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