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Do you have frozen (in liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees) egg cells, sperm cells or embryos at another IVF centre and would like to bring them to us at KIWI Dr Loimer in Linz? That is no problem. From a legal point of view, these cells are your property and must be handed over as you wish.
Using a transportable cryogenic tank, which we provide to you free of charge, the tissue can be delivered either by you, a specialised courier service or by us.

This transportation has no effect on the quality of the cells, since ‘re-embedding’ in a transport tank is minimal in terms of time and works at lightning speed. We have the necessary legal documents ready for you at the click of a button. Of course, we can also transfer tissue held here to another institute.

We are happy to support you in this process. If expenses are incurred in another institute for the removal of your cells or embryos, you will receive a EUR 54 credit for your treatment costs from us. Please contact us at any time.

Your happy team from KIWI Linz