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Medical director, specialist in gynaecology & obstetrics
IVF expert

I was born on October 6, 1963 in Gars am Kamp. In 1984 I began studying medicine and qualified in 1992. I soon developed an interest in gynaecology, and I started working with Prof Dr Florian Friedrich and trained as a specialist. Through Prof Dr Friedrich I was able to meet Sir Robert Edwards, the ‘father’ of the world’s first IVF baby. In 1999 I became a specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics. I moved to Linz to work at the hospital Barmherzigen Schwestern, and the following year to what was then the AKH Linz. It quickly became clear to me that my love for endocrinology would lead me to self-employment. In 2002 I opened my first IVF clinic, the Kinderwunch Institut in Thalheim bei Wels. In 2009 I became involved with the Pronatal IVF Centre in Budweis and in 2011 I took over the former IVF Centre from Univ. Prof. Dr Kemeter at Hadikgasse 82 in Vienna – the centre where the first Austrian IVF baby was conceived. After the sale of both clinics in 2015, I worked as managing director at both until January 2019. In May 2020 I opened my passion project, the Kinderwunsch Institut Dr Loimer in Linz.