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Many women fear that after 40 they will no longer be able to conceive naturally. But first the good news: Even at this age and above, it is possible that pregnancy will occur, but the probability decreases with each passing year. Female fertility drops significantly from the age of 36, which is no wonder, because primitive humans had an average life expectancy of 35 years.

The chance of getting pregnant at 35 years of age per cycle is 20 to 25 per cent, at 40 it is only 10 per cent. Unfortunately, the risk of miscarriage and genetic defects in the child in late pregnancy also increase significantly. At 40, every third pregnancy ends in miscarriage, at 45 every second.

We at the Kindwerwunsch Institut Dr Loimer take the position that it does not depend on the actual age of the mum and dad, but on whether the children have a safe, stress-free and loving home. Only those who have the right care at the beginning of life can become healthy and self-determined people. We think that many older couples have more life experience and can raise their children well and with a steady hand.

The German singer Ute Lemper, who gave birth to her fourth child in New York at the age of 48, also experienced late baby joy. Her comment on later motherhood: “At 48 years of age, I am definitely a better mother than many other women at 28.” Statistics from the American health authority Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta showed that the number of babies born to women over 45 years of age has ‘more than doubled’ over the past ten years.